By: Asia & Josh

Janice worked with us for years - literally, years! - with the patience of a saint while we searched for our home. As first time homebuyers of the Millennial cohort, buying property for the first time was a huge learning curve for us. We saw so many places and Janice scheduled every viewing quickly and effortlessly. Once we finally made an offer, Janice was never too busy for a call to calm my nerves or to answer another question. She always came to us and accommodated our insanely busy schedules. Janice also comes with an established network of contacts, including mortgage brokers, lawyers, and other advisers who helped us through the whole process. I would highly recommend engaging Janice and her services in your search for your next home!

By: Bill and Maria Choi

My husband and I were new to the city when we met Janice and thank goodness we did! As new Calgary/Alberta residents, we were unfamiliar with the city, as well as any laws or industry regulations pertaining to purchasing a home. Janice was able to quickly and professionally assess our needs and desires, and provided advice and suggestions. She was also extremely patient with us as we requested to see many homes in all different areas of the city (some outside of the city). She never made us feel pressured to make a decision, and when contemplating a particular house, she gently steered us in the right direction, putting our own needs ahead of hers. A good example is when, into the 2nd or 3rd week of aggressive home showings, we became quite interested in a property, mainly because of its low price. We were seriously considering making an offer when she gently reminded us that regardless of price, I would not be happy in this home because of the lack of outdoor space. I realized then that I actually had never mentioned my desire for an ideal outdoor space, but that she had deduced this from her outstanding listening skills. She had quietly and astutely noticed our myriad of comments in each of the home visits. In the end, we took her advice and bought a home in the neighbourhood that she suggested – and we couldn’t be happier, both with the house and the community! She has truly become our friend, and we wouldn’t hesitate to seek her out again. In fact, we are only sad that we can’t sell/purchase homes more frequently! We know that she will be our realtor for life!

By: Ron & Heather Bell

Janice Philo has been our real estate agent for seven years and helped us buy and sell twice. Janice got to know us quickly. In a casual and friendly way she learned about our family, including "Joey" the canine member and how they affect our housing needs. It was easy because Janice truly enjoys the relationships that can develop while helping people sell or find their best home. In the process, we got to know Janice. She knows the business. She has experience in identifying and solving the complicated and serious issues that can appear in a single family or condominium purchase and sale. While she has faced most of the challenges than can occur, there are still events that come up in a surprising way. Janice knows how to solve problems and she has developed an experienced and expert team around her for when they are needed. We admire and respect Janice for the professional, friendly and ethical way that she approaches her work. As much, we value that over time our relationship moved into friendship. We now look forward to our dinners together and the updates on the developments in our lives. If you are reading this, you are likely considering engaging Janice to help you with your real estate needs. We can safely say that if you decide to proceed that your interests will be understood, your assets well protected and your agreed upon goals will be met. In addition you may end up with a delightful new friend in your life.

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